Here's to New Beginnings!

It's Summertime in New York. Take your tops off and head to the park!!! Really though, summer in the City is like nothing I've experienced...I must have hibernated through my first warm season here, because I feel like I'm in a brand new world. Free concerts, little or no clothing, cold refreshing drinks (watermelon martini, SO good!) really what could be better? Not to mention sexy summer mixes and new bands to be excited about. MGMT and The Ting Tings play McCarren Park Pool in a week and a half FOR FREE and I'm pissing myself over it. Ugh, what a crude thing to say, please excuse that. Most of all though, I think summertime is the perfect time, to rediscover the joys of blogging. And because I'm afraid of false promises and setting myself up for failure, I'm not going to declare a blog a day or even a blog a week, but definitely SOME regularity to my rants and maybe even some fun pictures. I'm rediscovering my creativity and putting shit on the internet is so satisfying for the attention starved artist like me... So, if ANYONE, sees this blog, has ever seen this blog, basically Dad, I'm updating my blog now, come and check it out!!!

Happy Summer!


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