Market Table!

I believe that this is the first site specific entry I have written, but the meal I ate Monday night, a meal which honestly brought me to tears, has inspired me to break the mold and jump on in. Bonnie, my mama, was in town visiting this past week and kept mentioning a restaurant she had heard about on (what else?) Martha Stewart Live called Market Table. Being out of touch and poor, I generally don't hear about or really pay attention to word on great restaurants I will never be able to eat at due to my lack of funds BUT, when Bonnie's in town, there is no eatery out of reach! And so to Market Table we headed. Located on Carmine St. close to Bleeker (for those of you who can get there, please do) Market Table has an adorable corner location and huge windows perfect to sit and enjoy the fabulous Spring weather we are lucky enough to be having right now. The Bons and I showed up at around 7 and were warmly greeted by Rachel, the adorable hostess, who informed us that there was not currently any room but that she'd be happy to take our number and call us when a table opened up. She then recommended an equally as cute little bar around the corner where we could get a drink and wait. Happily we set off to get some pre-dinner cocktails and no sooner had we taken our first sips, but there was Rachel calling to inform us that there was room at their bar if we'd like to eat there. "No" we said, we'll wait for a table, I still had more than half of my Ketel 1 martini and was not looking to chug it. So, we chilled out and talked and low and behold, 10 minutes later, Rachel called again and cheerfully told us that there had been a cancellation and they could seat us. We settled out at Daddy-O's and headed back to Market Table.

We were delighted to be greeted at the door with recognition and sat at a cute two top in the middle of the restaurant. From first glance at the menu, we both knew that we were about to have a meal to remember. Our waiter was equally as adorable as Rachel the hostess and recommended a delicious Bordeaux Blanc when I mentioned that I love Sauvignon Blancs. We were so happy so early on. For an appetizer we ordered a tuna sashimi on a bed of arugula complimented by these two infused oils that made for a mouth watering dish. It was delicious and went so well with the wine. Now, as much as I'd like to claim that I'm a foodie, in reality, I am not. I can say "oh my god that was great" or "holy crap that was awful" but as far as being specific about ingredients, I'm not so keen. BUT, I will continue to try and do this meal justice. (Feel free to chuckle to yourself as I try and make up what sounds like was in the food...) We asked our waiter, Jason, to recommend our entrees, as he'd already been so dead on with our wine and appetizer and we were both happy to hear that his two favorite dishes were the two we had been eyeing. The Swiss char and the whole fish, a daily special. I got the Char, mom got the special. In the interest of keeping this entry concise and making sure I get my description right, I will only be talking about my fish, although I tried multiple bites of my mom's and was equally as floored by it as I was by mine. The Swiss Char, as described by Jason, has a flavor that falls between that of salmon and sea bass, two of my favorites. Market Table's version was served atop a leek and cream reduction with some porcini mushrooms and some other to-die-for flavor (told you I'm not a foodie) that just sent the dish, and me, over the edge. The wine, the fish, the flavor, I literally thought I was going to cry. So overcome with emotion was I, that I couldn't help grabbing Rachel and raving to her that this was resolutely, the BEST meal I had ever eaten. It honestly was: The best thing. I have. Ever tasted. My mom and I barely spoke throughout the meal, too overcome by deliciousness. I ate every single bite and when it was over, I'm still mourning, mom and I looked at each other and smiled, ugh, what a treat! We perused the dessert menus and decided that an espresso and a port were in order and just as we were about to call Jason the waiter over, Rachel the hostess came out holding a plate of their Polka Dot cheesecake and surprised us by setting it down on our table. "You're both just so cute, I couldn't resist." Likewise, Rachel, that cheesecake was, surprise surprise, the most amazing dessert I have had in years, and ask anyone, I am definitely a connoisseur when it comes to sweets. Jason brought my mom a glass of his favorite sherry, she nearly passed out at its delightfullness and I finished off with an espresso.

My message to Everyone/You 6 people who read this blog: GO TO MARKET TABLE. I don't care where you live. Fly, ride, RUN to this restaurant and change your life. I can honestly say that my meal, my whole experience there, was up there with what I'd picture meeting Jesus to be like. Please, do yourself a favor, splurge and go to Market Table, you WILL NOT be sorry.


Mah said…
OMG. I remember. You didn't mention the fabulous Pinot.
A perfect telling. If I hadn't been there, I would think I had been.
Craig Middleton said…
sounds amazing. I'm totally going to go there.

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